M&TESIWEI Cashmere Sweater is preferred by the vast consumers by virtue of excellent quality and good service through 11-year endeavor and becomes the domestic excellent brand in the cashmere sweater customization industry as well as gains the right to use “pure cashmere fiber products logo” and “ecological fiber products logo” of China Fiber Inspection Bureau after audit certification. 

M&TESIWEI ready-made cloth can let the wearers feel the originality of designers and fabricators and experience the manual temperature of handicraft men from the elaborate clipping of the each piece of cloth to the attentive carving of details. In the meantime, M&TESIWEI hopes to express wearers better with rich design language, regardless of attending the public occasion for display or expressing owning inner monologue.

服務:品牌形象設計 剪辑



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